My mom says
I can design usable shit.
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Stupid stuff that I was brave enough to share with the internet.

Billzai - Bill Splitter

UX project

Color Tapper - Stroop Effect

Mobile Game


Mobile Game

Color Of Today

Android App

Real Frisbee

Android App

Voice Maze Game

Web App

Fidget Spinner

Web App


Where I test ridiculous stuff.

Is DiMsHiK drinking coffee right now?

Representation of the coffee intake data i'm collecting about myself.


Type cool messages with real company logos.


A small plugin that shows the total distance a user scrolled while exploring a site.


A JavaScript library that will make any OCD freak to lose his mind.


Chrome plugin that revers any website to a wireframe with one click.


Protect password input on screen keypads by adding deceptive mouse cursors.


Because I'm too lazy to put the images in here.


More stuff about me.

Stuff sane people would share

My résumé

The paper I send to companies to ask for a boring desk job (it's pretty old, I'll update it "Tomorrow").

My LinkedIn profile

The place where recruiters harasses me to accept a horribly-low-paid job.

Stuff I’d share

  • Freakazoid cartoon animation

    Favorite super hero

    Freakazoid, because he is so CrAzY

  • My lovely wife Olga

    I'm married

    To the most awesome girl in the universe.

  • My dog Julie

    We have a dog


    She has a Facebook page juliesuperdog

  • Selfie animation I created using images I took every day over one year


    I took one selfie every day in 2011

    You can see the full video on youtube - One Year of Dimshik

  • Grid of some of my Instagram pictures

    Random Photos

    I like taking them

    see them all: Dimshik Instagram Feed

  • Grid of some of my Instagram pictures


    Learned some cool stuff there

    Finished my BA in Computer Science in 2011.

  • Avengers movie scene animation

    Movie Freak

    Obsessed about good movies

    Latest movie: Avengers: Endgame

Hire me

You’re not gonna regret it, or maybe you will.

Currently accepting freelance consultation projects.


Dude come on, I said bye.

Okay last time, bye.

Looks like you're enjoying this...

I'm going to tell you a story

About a boy

He fell from the roof

Luckily, he fell in the swimming pool

But there were some piranha's in it

Luckily, he's a quick swimmer

But he lost his arms last summer

Fu*k it. The kid died.